Learn more about residency deadlines, completing the application, who is eligible for resident student status, the residency status of eligible dependent spouses, emancipated students under 21 years of age whose parents do not live in Indiana, and required documentation.

Although most IUPUC students live in Indiana, a growing number of students from other states and countries inquire about our residency requirements.

The tuition and fees assessed for taking classes at IUPUC depend on whether or not you are a resident of Indiana or another state .

For complete details, please review the information posted below. Because IUPUC is closely affiliated with Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), our policies are aligned with those on that campus and other campuses within the IU system. For that reason, these links are directed to policy information on IUPUI’s Web site.

If you who want to apply to change your residency classification, review the residency classification guidelines and complete an Application for Classification as a Resident Student at Indiana University for Fee-Paying Purposes.

If you disagree with your classification, you may file an appeal. Contact the Office of Registrar Services at IUPUC for more information.