Zachary's Law

Indiana University and IUPUC policy ensures that no student who is on a state or national sex offender registry is allowed to pursue a degree in which contact with children is part of the course of study.

The purpose of these registries is to inform the general public about the identity and location of sex and violent offenders who live, work, or study in Indiana. Both sites provide links to sex offender registries in other states.

Some degree programs and courses at IUPUC either prepare you to work with minors or places you in contact with minors as a part of the course. Enrollment in those courses or programs, however, is not available if your name is included on a sex offender registry.

If you are listed on a registry, contact the IUPUC division offering the degree program in which you are interested to inquire if your inclusion on the registry is a barrier to your enrollment.

IUPUC is closely affiliated with Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). Therefore, many of our policies are aligned with those on that campus.

For general information about the sex offender screening policy at IUPUC, please click here. This link is directed to policy information on IUPUI’s Web site. Note that not all of this  information directly applies to IUPUC—for example, we currently do not have on-campus university housing—but the majority of it will apply to IUPUC and other campuses within the IU system.