The Office of Student Research (OSR) hosts a student research exhibition each year featuring the research projects that were awarded grant funding.

In 2010-11, 14 grant applications were received and seven were funded. Of those seven projects, six were successfully completed.

Student: Ashley Begley
Faculty advisor: Dr. Joan Poulsen
Area: Science/psychology
Project title: To Vacation or Not Vacation

Ashley Begley

Student: Daphne Davis
Faculty advisor: Dr. Joan Poulsen
Area: Science/psychology
Project title: Effects of Pet Companions on Human Relationships

Daphne Davis

Student: Sara Empson
Faculty advisor:  Dr. Julie Goodspeed-Chadwick
Area: Liberal Arts/literature
Project title: Recovering the Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven:  Poetry and American Dada  

Sara Empson

Student: Andrea Osmon
Faculty advisor: Rebecca Bartlett Ellis
Area:  Nursing
Project title: Hand Hygiene and Drying Techniques

Andrea Osmon

Student: Ashley Perko
Faculty advisor:
 Dr. Jung Kook Lee
Area: Business/marketing
Project title: Jackson County Residents' Banking Relationship

Ashley Perko

Student: Natalie Richart
Faculty advisor:
 Dr. Joan Poulsen
Area: Science/psychology
Project title:   Does Art Therapy Relieve Stress? 

Natalie Richart