During the 2011-12 academic year, the Office of Student Research received 16 student research grant applications. Of this number, ten were funded and nine were successfully completed.

Students: Caroline Arbuckle and Carina Cole
Faculty advisor: Dr. Allison Howland
Area: Education
Project title: Building a Model for Language Acquisition Through Inquiry-Based Science Instruction: Universal Design        
for Learning Using Lego WeDo and iPad Technologies as the Instructional Platform for Field-Based Experiences

Carolyn Arbuckle and Carina Cole

Student: Danielle Dias
Faculty advisor: Dr. Jennifer Connor-Zachocki
Area: Education
Project title: Using Digital Media Projects to Enhance Fourth Grade Students' 21st-Century Literacies:
An Action Research Project 

Danielle Dias

Student: Kristen Brasher
Faculty advisor:
 Dr. Anna Carmon
Area: Communication studies
Project title: Boundaries of Privacy: An Examination of Family Satisfaction, Work Satisfaction, and Work-Life Balance 

Kristen Brasher

Student: Nathan Walsh
Faculty advisor:
 Dr. Joan Poulsen
Area:  Psychology
Project title: Adolescent Substance Abuse Patterns: The Effects of Ostracism, Social Pain, and the Need to Belong 

Nathan Walsh

Student: Olivia Pavlov
Faculty advisor: Dr. Kimdy Le
Area: Psychology
Project title: Personality Predicts Research Preferences

Oliva Pavlov

Students: David Cool and Darby Funke (not pictured)
Faculty advisor:
 Dr. Luke Jacobus
Area: Biology
Project title: The Ecologies of Two Rare Mayflies (Insecta: Ephemeroptera) from Bartholomew County, Indiana

David Cool

Student: Carrie Scherschel
Faculty advisor:
 Dr. Allison Howland
Area: Education
Project title: Engagement with Schools and Families in Crisis 

Cerrie Schershel

Student: Cynthia Scott
Faculty advisor: Dr. Kathy Wills
Area: Technical writing
Project title: Engineering Students Make Order Out of Chaos 1: Archival Research on a Tinguely Kinetic Sculpture

Cynthia Scott

Student: Catherine Walker
Faculty advisor: Dr. Joan Poulsen
Area: Psychology
Project title: Assessing Crisis Interventions: A Follow-Up to the 2008 Flood

Catherine Walker