With a concentration in accounting, you will learn how to create and maintain accurate financial records of business transactions.

You will also learn about preparing financial statements and reporting concerning business assets, liabilities, and operating expenses. In addition, you will explore the economic and managerial perspectives on the relationships between business activity, economic outcomes, and positive and negative evaluations of performance.

After graduation, you will be prepared for ever-changing, always-in-demand accounting positions. In fact, accounting is a profitable major known for good starting salaries.

As an accounting professional, you must be aware of and adapt to constantly changing federal and state laws. In addition, you must be skilled in utilizing current and future technology tools to interpret the big financial picture, forecast profits and losses, and tackle complex business challenges.

After graduating from IUPUC with an accounting concentration and degree in business, you will be prepared for careers in auditing, corporate/government/not-for-profit accounting, management consulting, or taxation.

As a Division of Business graduate who has completed the accounting concentration, you might also choose additional study, like:

The CPA exam is one of the most important exams of your accounting education. The Indiana Board of Accountancy, through the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency (IPLA), requires that to be eligible to take the CPA exam you must have a bachelor’s degree, you must have completed at least 150 university credit hours with an accounting concentration, and you must provide academic transcripts for review at the time you take the exam.

Talk to our accounting faculty and your academic advisor for more information. Visit IPLA for complete details, including CPA exam information, new CPA applicant guide, and more.

In my classes, we strive to grasp the fundamental principles that guide the practice of accounting, not just the rules.

Larita Killian, Ph.D., Professor of Accounting

How do you earn a degree in accounting?

To earn an Indiana University Bachelor of Science in Business with an accounting concentration, you will complete 120 credit hours of coursework. Most courses are 3 credit hours each but some vary. Of the total credit hours for the accounting concentration, 36 come from general education courses, 39 from core business courses, 27 are elective credit hours, and 18 are from upper level accounting courses.

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Academic advising

As a business student at IUPUC, you'll work closely with your academic advisor to select and register for classes that apply toward your degree program. Your advisor will help you monitor your progress to ensure you are on the right track to a successful career in accounting. However, professional academic advising goes well beyond scheduling classes.

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Internships are an important part of your accounting education. They enable you to apply theories learned in the classroom to real-world business settings. They are also excellent opportunities for resume-building and better employment prospects after graduation.

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Learn more about other concentrations

In addition to accounting, you can also earn concentrations in supply chain managementfinance, health services administration, innovation management, management, and marketing.