About Liberal Arts

What can you do with an IU degree in liberal arts?

Your imagination is the only limit!

An IU degree in the liberal arts will provide you with the broad knowledge you need for rewarding, meaningful careers with top local and regional employers, business enterprises outside the state of Indiana and across the U.S., and even multinational employers located overseas.

As a liberal arts major at IUPUC, you will experience a dynamic campus, participate in community-based learning opportunities, and learn from accomplished faculty—while gaining skills that will prepare you to succeed in a rapidly changing workplace.

Through our Honors Program, you can take your liberal arts studies to a deeper level, by doing work or participating in community-service or research projects with faculty mentors. You can also participate in faculty-student research projects and apply for IUPUC grant funds from our Office of Student Research to hone your analytic and critical thinking skills. In addition, you can join a number of student clubs and organizations as well as participate in intramural sports and athletic clubs.

Career Options

A liberal arts degree is a great segue into a number of fields, like fundraising and philanthropy, advertising, media and public relations, writing and editing, graphic design, web management and development, social media management, business administration, sales, and many other fields.

You might start your own business, work for a top local and regional employer, go into municipal or state government, or work abroad in a large multinational corporation.

You’ll find more career information on each page devoted to our specific degree programs.