Criminal Justice

Earn a minor in criminal justice

A minor in criminal justice requires the completion of 18 credit hours of related course work with a minimum GPA of 2.3.

SPEA-J101 The American Criminal Justice System AND SPEA-J201 Theoretical Foundations of Criminal Justice Policies Criminal Justice Core Courses (2 courses, 6 credit hours)

Selecte from the following: SPEA-J202 Criminal Justice Data, Methods, and Resources SPEA-J301 Substantive Criminal Law SPEA-J305 Juvenile Justice SPEA-J306 Criminal Courts SPEA-J321 American Policing SPEA-J331 Corrections SPEA-J439 Crime and Public Policy Elective Courses (2 courses, 6 credit hours minimum)

Take two other criminal justice courses (‘J” prefix). These may be drawn from the courses in the above list not used to fulfill that requirement. At least one of these two courses must be at the 300 or 400 level. Only one of the following courses may be used to meet this requirement: J370, J380, J470, or J480.