Scholarship Awards

Our program offers annual scholarships to assist students’ academic and professional development. These scholarships provide partial support to those students who excel academically prior to or during the program. Since Fall of 2014, some 28 students enrolled in the program have been partially supported with scholarships totaling $36,000. Policies governing scholarship eligibility and distributions are listed below.

Student Eligibility:

Students qualifying for scholarships must have:

  • Overall GPA ≥ 3.3 (B+) (undergraduate or graduate)
  • No graduate course grade ≤ 2.7 (B-)
  • No disciplinary or ethical issues during MHC program enrollment
  • Completed the FAFSA in a timely manner (if full-time)

Award Rules

Awards are determined by:

  • Academic record for students entering the program (GPA and GRE at admission)
  • GPA, course and field experience performance, professionalism, and faculty nominations for continuing students
Additional award guidelines include:
  • The total award pool for the academic year (Fall & Spring) will be roughly divided equally between students having completed 0 to 30 credit hours and students having completed 31 to 60 credit hours
  • Individual scholarship amounts will be made proportional to the number of credit hours taken by the student
  • Scholarships are awarded annually in the Fall semester for disbursement across the Fall and Spring semesters
  • Award amounts will change based on the number of credit hours enrolled from semester to semester and will not exceed the maximum amount of funds available
  • Students must continue to meet the criteria for eligibility to receive subsequent scholarship disbursements
  • Work-study students will be considered for scholarship awards
  • The scholarship committee will work to administer available funds in a manner which meets program mission and goals
  • Annual awards are not guaranteed for award in subsequent academic years or disbursement in subsequent semesters