Working & Learning

Fellowships & college teaching experiences

Occasionally, clinical field experience partners offer competitive fellowships to select students. These fellowships provide a paid, supervised clinical field experience in exchange for a specific time commitment from the student (e.g., one-year). One example is the Summerville Fellowship in total brain health through the Pitman Institute for Aging Well at Mill Race Center.

Also second year students interested in college teaching experience can apply to co-instruct a section of UCOL-U 110, which supports undergraduate students in their transition to college life. Providing a modest stipend, this opportunity allows graduate students an in-depth look at adolescent identify development and career decision making.

The MHC program and the Summerville Fellowship have given me the opportunity to grow in my professional development in unforgettable ways.

Calli McNicholas, Class of 2018, Bloomington, IN

On-campus work experience

In the past, our graduate students have been successful in finding on-campus employment as part of their financial aid packages. Working closely with the mental health-counseling faculty, these students gain valuable experience and skills in undergraduate teaching, quantitative and qualitative research, and program administration. To be competitive for on-campus employment, students should complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and indicate a desire for federal work-study on this form.