Substance Abuse Certificate

What is a substance abuse counselor?

Counselors specializing in substance abuse help individuals obtain treatment and services to break the cycle of addiction. They help clients get care during major life challenges, like arrest, homelessness, and losing custody of children. They also consult with social service agencies, teachers, physicians, psychiatrists, probation officers, and others to assist clients.

Why earn a certificate in substance abuse?

If you are an undergraduate or graduate student at IUPUC who is still taking classes toward completing a degree, earning a certificate in this field is a good way to be even more competitive in the employment market after you graduate.

If you are a working adult or non-degree seeking student, earning the certificate is a great way to give your career a boost and could qualify you to apply for a promotion within your current organization or enable you to pursue new employment options in another organization.

Either way, this program will provide you with specialized education and supervised training about:

  • Factors that contribute to the use and abuse of drugs
  • Personal, interpersonal, legal, and societal issues
  • Psychopharmacology of substance abuse and the influences of drugs on brain function and human behavior
  • Counseling for individuals with substance abuse problems
  • Research-based approaches to substance abuse prevention

This certificate program consists of 19 credits (not including any required prerequisites). Required courses include:

  • PSY-B 105: Psychology as a Biological Science
  • PSY-B 321: Clinical Writing
  • PSY-B 325: Professional Ethics
  • PSY-B 386: Introduction to Counseling (P: B104, B310, B380)
  • PSY-B 394: Drugs and Behavior (P: B105)
  • PSY-B 395: Issues in Substance Abuse Counseling & Prevention (P: Instructor approval)
  • PSY-B 396: Alcohol, Alcoholism, and Drug Abuse
  • PSY-B 422: Professional Practice in Substance Abuse Counseling & Prevention (P: Three psychology credits and instructor approval)