Bachelor of Arts (BA) program

Earning an IU Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology will provide you with a broad background in the history, theories, research methods, and practical applications of contemporary psychology.

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Bachelor of Science (BS) program

The IU Bachelor of Science (BS) in Psychology degree will provide you with a strong background in the biological and physical sciences. If you are interested in specialized fields (like medicine, dentistry, neuroscience, or psychopharmacology) that require additional study in graduate school, this program may be a good fit for you.

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Should you choose a BA or BS degree?

To discuss the differences between the BA or the BS degrees in psychology and determine which is the right fit for you, please make an appointment with our psychology advisor.

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Earn a minor in psychology

The Division of Science offers a psychology minor specialized for students majoring in other subjects. A minor from the Division of Science can help you diversify your undergraduate degree with additional business skills.

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